Lucit is a function and events venue since 1993.
We are in a beautifully restored 1908 house that is surrounded by a water garden with waterfalls, a big pond, and a huge mulberry tree that create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

include weddings, birthday parties, conferences, kitchen teas, baby showers, bacholars, or any form of get together.

Budget Weddings
are special packages for couples who do not want to spend a lot on their weddings.

Send off memorials
include the service, lunch, snacks, and time spend with friends and families in the beautiful water garden.
We always work around your budget to offer you the best.

include shows, music concerts, theatre productions, and art exhibitions. We are a cultural hub where musicians and people who are nurtured by art get together.

We will notify you with a weekly video of the events on our Telegram channel. You can subscribe to the channel by clicking on