I am Gideon, chef and owner of the former Lucit Restaurant. I have prepared venison meals for 27 years and perfected the art. Venison is the healthiest meat because the veld nurtures it and there is no secretion of cortisol when they leave this earth.

Except for starch side dishes and the desserts, all these dishes are low in carbs and can be enjoyed as a keto or banting diet. My cooking techniques ensure that the maximum vitamins and minerals that nature offers you through these foods land up on your plate to maximize your level of immunity. My food is medicine but taste like comfort food.

I use no flavourants, so, my dishes will not taste like 'brown onion soup', aromat, or Bisto. I prepare all stocks from scratch and I do not have a tin opener in my kitchen. I do not buy in any pre-prepared mass produced dishes.

During lockdown I work alone in the kitchen and it might happen that I ran out of a specific dish. Most of the dishes, e.g. the Bosvark confit, takes 8 hours to cook. I will confirm your order as soon as I receive it. If there is something that I do not have in stock but that you have paid, I will see to it that you get it the next day.

Below you can place your order. I sell these dishes in warm and some of them in frozen form. The warm food can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days. The frozen food can be kept up to 2 months. Everything is packed in clear containers that can be heated in the microwave. All the dishes come with instructions, ingredients and other details.

Order a day ahead. Orders must be received by 18:00 the previous day. We usually deliver from 16:00 to 18:00 Mondays to Sundays. Minimum order is R 300 excl. R 30 delivery fee within 5 km radius from the restaurant. We deliver in the rest of Pretoria for R 50 and a minumum of R 500 is required.

Do not use the 'view' tab. All the information is already provided in the picture and navigation is much easier to just click 'add to cart' and select the quantity to order.